Hey, I'm Danny - founder of

I obsessed with all things to do with prints! I love traveling, biking, football and yes, like you, I love Rock & Metal music. However, you know, in Asia country like Singapore, when every single kid at my age likes Pop, I was a weirdo. They call Metal and Rock music as demons from hell. They think it will enter my soul and then forces me to engage in drugs, sex, violence, and alcohol. It also forces me to be Satanic and dress in the only black. I will no longer be worthy of life because I listen to music a bit different than they do. Of course, I don't think so. 

I started RockHoodie 3 years ago to help other Singaporean guys like me express their-self and be confident with their taste in Music, it also as a reaction to boring clothes. Why must metalhead wear the only black? No, we can wear colorful than that!
Now, we expand our market over the world. I hope our products will gear you towards your passion even more and fill your life with excitement!

Shop for apparel, functional and fun home and office decor and much more. Find the perfect gift. Get things you need and things you want. 

Just notice that we provide customize service so if you can't find any shirt you expected, feel free to contact us. Give us your photo/picture and little time, we will come back with your shirts.


We believe in changing lives with our products, both yours and the ones in need! RockHoodie is a proud supporter of New Life Stories ,a non‐profit organization that supports pre‐school education for the children of incarcerated mothers. A portion of each sale goes providing children with essential educational skills namely reading and pro‐social skills.

We also committed donate our 15% yearly profit for Sweet Reliefa non-profit organization that helps musicians pay their medical bills, as not all touring musicians become wealthy from their ventures.



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